Zeke Anders

Director | Photographer | Editor


orn in Seoul, South Korea, Zeke Anders was adopted at age three and grew up in Detroit. His mother, a PK (that’s pastor’s kid to you) was a piano playing school teacher and father, a self-made man with his own casket distribution company who encouraged his son, not to follow in his footsteps.

Growing up during the video boom, the birth of MTV exposed Zeke to the art of filmmaking at an early age. Fresh and exhilarating, it was like nothing he’d seen before. Fearing the worst, Zeke’s parents thought MTV was evil so they canceled the cable subscription leaving him high and dry without a muse. But it was too late.

Barely out of high school, Detroit’s Public Television tapped Anders to direct art segments for their original programming. He then transitioned to the high-paced world of advertising, becoming the youngest creative producer for the largest independent ad agency in the world.

Eventually, Zeke burned his suit ‘n tie and relocated to L.A. His filmmaking work has won top honors at the Houston Worldfest, New York Festival, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Flagstaff Int’l Film Festival, W3 Award and 7 National Telly’s.

Anders recent creation of the 5-part vlog series, “American Seoul” about his childhood as an adoptee gained national attention by NBC News, Asian-American News Journal and NPR to name a few. The vlog series won a 2015 National Telly Award, a W3 Award and was the closing film at the 4th Annual Hollywood & Vine Film Festival.

The Detroit Institute of Arts invited Zeke to lecture on the phenomenon of vlogging. He created, “Vlogzilla: The Art of the Vlog”, the groundbreaking, first of its kind, talk+curation that gives a revealing look at this global trend of social media.

Each year, armed with a camera and notebook, Zeke drives cross-country with his black cats, finding new stories to share, meeting new characters and arriving one step closer at knowing himself. Making discoveries on the way, great or small that never cease to surprise and always amaze at the power of integrity and the human spirit inside us all.

Excelling in storytelling, Zeke is sure to find those moments (sometimes, off-beat) that make up who we are and relate to in a personal way.